Instant Sleep COMPLETE Natural Sleep Aid Formula MAXIMUM Strength Sleep Support blend of L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Melatonin, Magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, GABA, and Phellodendron Root (herb powder).

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Instant Sleep


Combined with the power of L-Theanine and Melatonin, INSTANT SLEEP capsules will help you deal with those nights when you cannot fall asleep or need to be well-rested and alert the next morning.

GREAT SLEEP helps humans function better and your body and brain work better on a regular basis.

Unfortunately there are many factors in our daily lives which could affect the way we sleep, the QUALITY OF SLEEP we get, and the amount of time we sleep.

Most powerful maximum strength natural ingredients to help promote well rested sleep. These powerful natural ingredients work great alone but when they come together in our MAXIMUM STRENGTH formula, you will see the difference of instant sleep!

Relaxation and a good night’s sleep are important to everybody. INSTANT SLEEP Natural Maximum Strength herbal sleep aid formula, with its proprietary blend of all natural ingredients and herbs, can create a relaxed mental state helping you fall asleep faster. You will sleep better and wake up refreshed and alert the next morning. Take this instant formula whenever you feel the need for some natural support to fall asleep.

Contains safe and effective natural sleep aid ingredients for BETTER SLEEP and high alertness levels when you wake up.

Perfect Maximum Strength formula for Daily Maintenance and Support

COVERED by Amazon Guarantee and Worry Free Return Policy.

INSTANT SLEEP dietary supplement is designed to help you wake up alert and well-rested for the whole day after. Use a NATURAL product to make it feel like it NATURALLY should.
Natural sleep aid contains a TRIPLE STRENGTH blend of herbal sleep support ingredients extracted from plants that have been used to regulate sleep for millenniums. L-THEANINE promotes both physical and mental relaxation. MELATONIN helps to fall asleep and gives a high quality of rest better than you will find in any sleep supplement.
A NATURAL SLEEP AID is your best way to maintain great supplementation of the missing elements your body could use to get more rest on a daily basis. The SMARTER ideal sleep supplement and natural sleep solution.
Made in the USA in a FDA registered laboratory and GMP certified facility. COVERED by Amazon Guarantee and Worry Free Return Policy.

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