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InstaSleep Quick Melt-In-Mouth Tablet — Formulated by Physicians

As featured INC magazine, Hemispheres Magazine on United Airlines flights and Galore Magazine.

These minty melts consist of a fast-acting proprietary formula (Melatonin, GABA and 5-HTP)

5-HTP – promotes calm and deep sleep.
GABA –  aids in the promotion of relaxation.
Melatonin – regulates the sleep and wake cycle, and helps signal you to fall asleep.

*For the relief of occasional sleeplessness.

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Our Values

At InstaSleep, we know that sleep is a crucial part of living your best life. That’s why our fast-acting melt-in-mouth tablets are designed with your convenience as our top priority. We made them easy to take, drug-free, great tasting and non-habit-forming — so whether you have occasional sleeplessness, are a frequently jet-lagged traveler or are simply tired of counting sheep, you can rest easy with InstaSleep.

*For the relief of occasional sleeplessness.

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What Makes InstaSleep Mint Melts Stand Out?

wake up like a champ

drug-free non-habit-forming


Wake Up Like a Champ

InstaSleep drug-free sleep aid was formulated to help you fall asleep faster and wake up without morning grogginess.

Drug-Free and Non-Habit-Forming

At InstaSleep, we understand how important sleep is. We didn’t just create another sleep aid, we created a convenient sleep aid that actually tastes great and dissolves smoothly in your mouth. No water required. The fast-melting mints are also drug-free, non-habit forming, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher.

Great for Travel

The convenient size and no-water-necessary melts make InstaSleep great for traveling!

Whether you are suffering from jet lag, trying to adjust to a new time zone, or simply want a little help falling asleep on the plane, InstaSleep assists in being your travel essential brand.

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AS FEATURED IN: Military Families Magazine, Sky Magazine on Delta Airlines, Military Spouses Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine on United Airlines, Inc. Magazine, OK! and Galore Magazine
WHAT MAKES INSTASLEEP STAND OUT: Formulated By Physicians – Non-Habit Forming – Drug-Free Sleep Aid Combining Melatonin, GABA and 5-HTP In A Fast-Acting Mint Melt – No Bulky Pills & No Water Required – Great For Travel And Beating Jet Lag
For The Relief Of Occasional Sleeplessness. Not Intended To Cure Or Treat People With Sleep Disorders.

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