Klova Sleep Patch with Melatonin and Natural Ingredients Promotes restful Sleep and eliminates Jet lag

Price: $29.95
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Product Description

Klova, Sleep Patch, Sleep Remedy, Sleep ZPatchKlova, Sleep Patch, Sleep Remedy, Sleep ZPatch

We promote happy and healthy lives through customized wellbeing and sleep experiences that enhance everyday interactions.

Want better sleep? Try the Sleep ZPatch with naturally occurring ingredients that promote restful sleep & easy overnight application.

With melatonin and naturally occurring ingredients
100% drug free
Overnight application
For adults 18 years and older.
4 week supply (28 patches).

Naturally Occurring Ingredients

Naturally Occurring Ingredients

Overnight Release

Overnight Release

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Made with melatonin & naturally occurring ingredients

We sustainably source from best farms & facilities from around the world.

Overnight Application

Steady nightly application to get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Easy To Use

Simply peel, stick & sleep. Stays in place all night long.

Nature-inspired formula, Sleep PatchNature-inspired formula, Sleep Patch

Safe for all skin types, Dermatologist approvedSafe for all skin types, Dermatologist approved

Sleep Patch, Sleep ZPatchSleep Patch, Sleep ZPatch

Doctor On Demand, The Doctors, Klova PressDoctor On Demand, The Doctors, Klova Press

A LOT OF NATURAL GOODNESS IN A SIMPLE LITTLE SLEEP PATCH – The ZPatch alternative sleep aid contains n atural sleep-promoting, restlessness-ridding ingredients like melatonin, magnesium, valerian root, GABA, and hops that all work in harmony to reflect the complex biochemistry that occurs naturally in our bodies. Sleep like nature intended!
SIMPLY PEEL, STICK & SLEEP – Unlike natural sleep aids like teas or tablets whose powers wear off after just a few hours, the ZPatch sleep patch is applied to your skin to allow for slow, continuous absorption all through the night. One box of ZPatch sleep patches lasts an entire month and costs less than a dollar a day. A good night’s sleep is certainly worth that!
Klova’s ZPatch is the alternative sleep aid you’ve been dreaming of! Sleep better. Feel better. Function better. Be better.
30-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If the Klova sleep patch does not revolutionize the way you sleep and wake up in the mornings, simply return it after using for 30 days for a full 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked.

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