RELAXIUM SLEEP AID-Sleeping Pills-Sleep Supplement-Natural Insomnia-Anxiety-Stress Relief-Mood-Memory-Energy Support-Melatonin-Gaba-Passionflower-Sensoril-Magnesium-Valerian-Hops-60 capsules

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Product Description

Relaxium is an all-natural sleep supplement that uses a powerful triple-action approach to help you sleep soundly. The ingredients in Relaxium have been clinically shown to offer real results without the unwelcome side effects or risk of dependency.

Whether you simply want to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy each day or you’re concerned about protecting your health in the long-term, Relaxium Sleep is a smart investment.

Top Doctor Formulated, All-Natural Sleep Aid

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night  
Wake up feeling refreshed  
Reduce stress, anxiety, and boost energy  
Enhance focus and concentration

In a Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial Studying the Effectiveness of Relaxium Sleep…


73.3% reported Falling Asleep Easily  
66.7% reported Sleeping Soundly Without Interruption  
86.7% reported Waking Up Feeling Refreshed

Formulated by Board-Certified Physician Dr. Eric Ciliberti

Relaxium was formulated by Dr. Eric Ciliberti, a board-certified physician specializing in neurology. Highly respected for his extensive experience with acute disorders of the nervous system, Dr. Ciliberti is considered one of the foremost experts on sleep, stress, and anxiety. He has trained with world renowned leaders in his field of expertise and has been practicing medicine since 1991.

Check Out Relaxium Calm!

The Only Triple-Action Natural Mood Support  
Designed to Promote Relaxation  
Helps Elevate Mood  
Supplies Vital Nutrients to Support Mood


And Don’t Forget FocusMax!

Supports Healthy Brain Function and Memory  
All-Natural, Safe, and Effective Cognitive Support  
With Huperzine, Bacopa, and Phosphatidylserine

M.D. FORMULATED – CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS – Developed by Dr. Eric Ciliberti to offer his patients an affordable all-in-one solution, Relaxium Sleep combines clinically researched and approved ingredients that help to reduce stress and anxiety, boost energy, and enhance focus and concentration.
ALL NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE, NON-HABIT FORMING – Fall asleep faster with our safe and natural blend and avoid negative side effects and dependency! The ingredients in Relaxium Sleep are 100% natural.
MADE IN THE USA WITH HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS AVAILABLE – Made at an FDA-inspected facility for quality you can trust, Relaxium Sleep provides the perfect synergistic blend of ingredients for reliable potency and effectiveness.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Because we are so confident that you will love Relaxium Sleep, we offer all our customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction or your money back!

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