Sleepwell Sleep/Snore Internal Nasal Dilator for Snoring Relief, Congestion Relief, Restful Sleep, Restorative Sleep, Increase Airflow, Soft, Comfortable, Latex Free, Drug Free, Nasal Strips, 12Count

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(as of Nov 14,2019 21:06:34 UTC – Details)

Sleepwell Sleep/snore internal nasal dilator for snoring relief is clinically proven to reduce snoring and provides a drug-free, chemical free and side effect free way to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Each nasal dilator is infused with a calming blend of therapeutic essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang ylang which are known to encourage tranquility and promote sleep. Sleep better, with Sleepwell. Sleepwell Sleep/snore internal nasal dilator for snoring relief combines the benefit of enhanced airflow with the therapeutic jealing properties of premium essential oils. By gently opening your nasal passages, Sleepwell Sleep/snore internal nasal dilator for snoring relief naturally increases airflow to reduce snoring caused by nasal constriction and instantly relieves congestion. Experience the benefits of better breathing! Nasal breathing helps to encourage restful, restorative sleep, enhance focus and memory, increase energy and alleviate headache pain. Sleepwell Sleep/snore internal nasal dilator for snoring relief fits discretely in the nose and its soft, comfortable design is latex free. To use, Gently remove the devise from the holder and insert one oval into each nostril. Gently push Up into the nostrils until you feel the passage-way opening. Close your mouth and breathe normally through your nose. You should notice your nasal passages feeling more open. You may experience an increase in airflow through the nasal passageways, which may result in a decrease in symptoms related to nasal congestion, intra-nasal snoring or deviated septum. Some breathing issues related to snoring and congestion can be caused by pharyngeal obstruction, or obesity; this devise was not developed to address these problems. This product may not work If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, have used alcohol or are taking certain medications, or if you are diagnosed with moderate to severe deviated septum.

Premium quality: designed to simulate the nasal anatomy and made of high quality medical materials
Increase air flow: intra-nasal breathing aid boosts air flow to help relieve congestion and snoring
Sleep Better: infused with a blend of essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile and ylang ylang
Universal fit: the flexible device replicates the natural shape of the nasal passages and fit most

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