Smarter Sleep – Nighttime Sleep Aid with Bioactive Milk Peptides | Includes Organic Ingredients, AstraGin, Melatonin, a Naturally-Occurring Hormone for Regulating Sleep (180 Count – 3 Month Supply)

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Product Description

Didn't sleep well last night? If you're on your second cup of coffee this morning, try Smarter Sleep

More & Better-Sustained Energy

Increased Physical & Mental Productivity

Electric Mental Clarity

Less Stress

Re-Tuning Your Internal Clock for Better Sleep

Most of us can’t change our lifestyles. Smarter Sleep gives your body the daily boost it needs to get to sleep faster and enjoy more restful, deeper sleep each night. Smarter Sleep uses three safe and natural “clinically-tested” ingredients that effectively help induce sleep, while promote relaxing calm, when taken before bed.

Re-Tune Your Body’s Natural Sleep-Wake Cycle — How to Sleep Like A Baby Again!

Re-tuning Your Internal Clock For Better Sleep

Do you feel groggy during the day? Do you sometimes fall asleep driving or feel foggy and unfocused at work or home? Are you moody or anxious?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the problem may not be what you’re doing during the day, it’s what you’re not doing at night — sleeping. If you want to have good days, you must have good nights. Take Smarter Sleep for daily sleep support before bed!

Smarter Sleep: 3 Top Natural Sleep Ingredients

Bioactive Milk Peptides — 150 Mg (Lactose-free)

Melatonin — 3 Mg (Just The Right Amount Daily)

Astragin for Increased Trytpophan Absorption (Serotonin Support)

Bioactive Milk Peptides — 150 Mg (Lactose-free)

Researchers have isolated the same natural component in mothers milk isolated for its sleep inducing, calming and relaxing effect on babies called Bioactive Milk Peptides.

Decreases amount of time to fall asleep
Increases sleep efficiency
Reduces stress and cortisol levels
Improves wakefulness and mental function during the day
Not habit forming, not addicting, no side-effects

Melatonin — 3 Mg (Just the Right Amount Daily)

Melatonin is what regulates your sleep and wake cycles. It is produced in a gland deep in the center of your brain, called the pineal gland. It’s secreted when dark and plays an important role in your body’s internal clock. Lack of adequate melatonin can occur for a variety of reasons, including lower production with age. Proper melatonin production is challenging in our modern well-lit world and night-time habits. Researchers agree that getting 3 mg daily of Melatonin is the right amount.

Needed to regulate your body’s own sleep-wake cycle – restoring balance to the body’s circadian rhythm
Promotes healthy productive sleep
Provides neuroprotective benefits
Powerful antioxidant support
Added support for night-shift workers or jet-lagged people

Astragin for Increased Trytpophan Absorption (Serotonin Support)

Tryptophan is an amino acid that your body needs to produce nice warm and relaxing serotonin at night. The good news is we get all the raw tryptophan our bodies need in our diet, whatever your diet most people get enough. The bad news is we have trouble absorbing it, especially as we age. So a good sleep formula must have an ingredient that helps increase the absorption of the tryptophan from food.

Effects night-time Serotonin levels for increased calm and mood support
Enhances the uptake of Trytophan by 53%
Safe vs. Synthetic Trytophan with potential side-effects
Added support to reduce mental-chatter and overactive minds at night

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS | Made with Organic Tapioca Dextrose, Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Nu-Flow Rice Concentrate, Organic Rice Extract, Organic Mint, & Organic Stevia.
NON HABIT FORMING | With no addictive chemicals, come downs, or side effects- taking Smarter Nutrition Sleep regularly won’t affect your ability to fall asleep naturally on the nights you don’t need it.
FALL ASLEEP FAST | The chewable mint tablet dissolves in your mouth and enters your bloodstream faster to lull you to sleep in 15-20 minutes max.
ALLERGY FREE | This nighttime sleep aid does not contain eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or soy.

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