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On Becoming Baby Wise Book Review

I'm actually a little nervous about reviewing this book. This highly debated approach to parenting is typically either loved or hated. Baby Wise uses an eat-play-sleep cycle and parent directed feeding. Eat-play-sleep is simply have your child eat, have your child be stimulated for a time (length depending on age), and then have your child

Vemma 2010 – A Review

Vemma is a company based on the theory of people helping people. They have formulated a line of supplemental products designed to combat specific problems people have, all while providing vitamins and minerals that your daily diet may unintentionally leave out. They produce energy drinks, natural sleep aids, sports drinks, nutritional supplements and products designed

Melatrol Sleep Aid Review

Getting at least eight hours of sleep is essentially for living a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism, cause depression and anxiety, irritability, decreased brain function, and a lower functioning immune system. With our busy lives, we find it hard to manage our time and be able to get to sleep