Vintage Bliss Melatonin Sleep Supplement – Deep Sleep Promoting Muscle Recovery Supplement – Melatonin, Valerian Root & 9 More Premium Natural Sleep Aid Ingredients – Keto Friendly (60)

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Vintage Bliss, melatonin, sleep, supplement, old school labs

Vintage Bliss, melatonin, sleep, supplement, old school labs

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Vintage Bliss

All-Natural Deep Sleep & Muscle Recovery Supplement

If you’re an athlete, work out regularly, or have a highly active or stressful lifestyle, the typical melatonin sleep supplement just won’t cut it. It might help you fall asleep faster, but it won’t give you that deep, restorative kind of sleep from which you wake up feeling not merely rested, but recovered, from head to toe. We all know the difference this can make to our quality of life. That’s why we created Vintage Bliss. It checks all 3 boxes needed to have a restorative sleep.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Formulated in California

Key Benefits

Relax and unwind before bed

Sleep deeper with more REM

Rebalance hormones and recover faster

Relax and unwind before bed

Unwinding your nerves is the first requirement for a deeply restorative sleep. Tough workouts, a physically demanding job and even your choice of diet (e.g. keto, fasting) can make you feel frazzled or wired by day’s end. Vintage Bliss takes melatonin to the next level by combining it with synergistic ingredients that help your nerves unwind so you can glide into sleepland and avoid a fitful night.

Sleep deeper with more REM

REM (rapid-eye-movement) is the deepest, most restorative form of sleep. Everyday stress, alcohol and caffeine can throw your sleep-wake rhythm out of whack and reduce the amount of REM you get each night. (When you wake up feeling less-than-fully recovered, this is at least partly to blame.) Vintage Bliss helps you achieve a healthy sleep-wake rhythm during the night with plenty of restorative REM.

Rebalance hormones & recover faster

The third requirement for a deeply restorative sleep is the rebalancing of your hormones. Strenuous workouts and everyday stress can alter the levels of hormones like cortisol and testosterone (in men and women). In turn, this can affect your body’s ability to recover from workouts and other activities. Vintage Bliss contains clinically studied nutraceuticals like boron and Ashwagandha extract that support hormonal optimization while you sleep.


Deep Sleep & Muscle Recovery

Build and sustain muscle growth

Pre-Workout Energy and Hydration

Burn Fat while Maintaing Muscle Mass

Product Features

Sleep deeper with more REM, recover faster, wake refreshed

Egg, milk, and beef protein isolates, natural flavor, and zero sugar

Two-Stage Formula, No Dependency, Steady Energy

Promotes Weight Loss, Preserves Muscle, Improves Focus & Mood


Veggie Capsule



Veggie Capsule

How/When to Take

2 capsules before going to bed

1 scoop post workout, anytime on rest days

1 scoop 30 min before workout

2 capsules twice a day with meals

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