3 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep Well After The Loss Of Your Loved One

Oh, Dear, I am so sorry that you lost someone close to your heart. I am sure that this person meant a lot to you. Anyway, the situation is different. Now this shock, freezing feelings caught you to the core of your being.

It is quite frantic and painful at the beginning. I may comfort you with sweet words but it is not what I mean doing here. It is quite hard for you to manage through the day. First, your mind must process this pain and you must adjust yourself to a new reality and to a new life.

So the first reason why you are so unhappy and cannot sleep is the stress caused by shock. It contains set of emotions and beliefs. Those bad moments got imprinted inside of your mind. This shock is not only the loss of your loved one. It is the loss of yourself.

Unfortunately, it is a huge burden. It makes you feel drained and give up on life in order to connect to your loved one. A piece of your heart went away. In other words, it is dead. So you may also feel anger, loneliness, sadness, unfair treatment by the fate.

Why me?! This question has no straight, clear answer.

This shock creates a huge dose of stress. Over time, it will transform you into a living zombie. During the night, you try to sleep well but you can’t. Your mind cannot process all pain at once. So emotional drama and nightmares may often appear and cause you to suffer even more.

Feelings of loss are the second reason why you don’t rest at night like others.

Those bad moments at the funeral, the bad moments with your loved one creates feelings of loss. When you lose someone you may feel that something is missing. You stop controlling your life as this person used to filled it up.

If you got a help from this person, so now it is pretty difficult to be on your own. It is painful to start all over again. To start a new life as you didn’t ask for it. You are not ready now. It is traumatic experience what you are going through.

So the loss is dragging you down to the grave. This mental thought construct is stuck in your subconscious. Only if you address, acknowledge and remove it from your heart. Life force energy will come back to your body.

The last reason why things are like that and why your sleeping pattern is not rejuvenating is the fear.

The fear of uncertainty to start a new life as an emotionally independent person. It is quite fearful to start all over again when you settled down. You can’t live without this important person you had close to your side.

This blocks you to experience a new, joyful, self-empowered life. I am sure your loved one wish you to live like that.

You can do it until you complete your homework: you address the pain, accept it and remove from your heart.

I wish you a happy new life.

Source by Iga Wisniewska

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