A Few Hours Relaxing Can Help You Sleep Well

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t sleep well? Especially when you’ve got something important the next day and you really need the energy to get through it. The last thing you want to feel is a wreck.

It’s when we don’t sleep well, we think we must pay more attention to our sleep habits and relaxation, but soon as sleep resumes to normal we go back to poor habits. Getting to sleep well is sometimes as simple as just spending time relaxing.

Sure, we all know what an average person thinks spending time ‘relaxing’ is and it goes along the lines of spending two hours in front of the TV or computer before sleep. This is NOT relaxing! You may feel relatively relaxed, but in fact you’re brain is probably exhibiting normal active brainwaves.

Watching TV or even surfing the Net can be highly stimulating for the brain. Hormones such as adrenaline may be released without the person knowing it. Even watching TV passively can be highly stimulating and rouse feelings such as fear, worry and excitement.

A person who goes to bed soon after such activities may find that they can’t sleep well or worse, not at all. Unless you’re an experienced meditator or you’re someone who is able to clear their thoughts and not become attached to them, it’s a good idea to avoid stimulating activities.

People, who don’t sleep well, often complain of rushing thoughts and images pulsing through the minds at night. They find it difficult to quieten their minds and let go of trivial thoughts. Thoughts may play over and over again with reoccurring thoughts and images that intensify.

A person may spend the whole night trying to clear their minds, desperate to get a few hours of sleep before the morning. But instead they find that they’re more agitated and the more they try to clear their minds the more they can’t sleep. Frustration and irritability kicks in.

Everyone knows how hard it is to stop thinking about something. Who hasn’t whistled or hummed a catchy song which stays with them the whole day, no matter how much they want to forget it?

Sometimes being able to sleep well is all down to relaxation. But not the relaxation everybody associates it with. Relaxation doesn’t take much to achieve; a soothing hot bath or feet soak an hour before sleep, deep breathing exercises or even just a nice hot beverage such as chamomile tea and relaxing music playing, is enough to calm you and prepare you for sleep.

Source by Phil Tsang

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