A Good Night of Sleep To Die For

How well are people sleeping at your bed & breakfast? This is something you really need to be aware of. If they aren’t getting a good night of rest then they may choose a hotel room the next time they are in town. There are a variety of different issues you should attend to in order to make sure everyone is able to get a very good night of sleep at your bed & breakfast.

It is hard to start a new day when you feel like you need several more hours of sleep. Make sure the beds you offer at your bed & breakfast are very comfortable. You should try to have at least a queen sized bed in the rooms you offer. This way there is plenty of room for an individual and a couple won’t be too crowed to sleep well. Don’t forget to offer plenty of pillows too.

Most bed & breakfast locations don’t have individual thermostats in each room. Since the temperature that each person is comfortable at varies this can prove to be a big piece of making sure everyone gets a good nice of sleep. With this in mind you need to make sure you have plenty of blankets available. A thin one for those that don’t need much as well as a thick comforter for those that do should cover it.

For those that will be warmer than others, offer fans in the rooms that they can turn on. Try to find those models that are very quiet and that have several settings. You can even offer those with a remote control so your guest doesn’t even have to get out of bed to turn it on. When it is humid outside you can be sure your guests will really appreciate the availability of fans.

Sometimes you will have a group of guests at your bed & breakfast that will all know each other. Most of the time though you will have a variety of people that are strangers. Even though they may be friendly and get to know each other a bit, they are still strangers. Each of the rooms you have should have a secure door with locks they can initiate from the inside. A deadbolt is a must to offer them privacy and security.

If there are windows in the rooms, then they too need to offer locks on them. Some bed & breakfast locations place bars on them if they are on the ground floor as well. This may give someone additional peace of mind while they are sleeping that no one is going to be able to come in. Yet it can prevent them from having a nice view out the window too.

A fire can happen at any time of the day or night. Chances are you have been mandated to have a certain number of fire alarms and even carbon monoxide detectors in place. You also need to offer a fire escape plan for your guests. If you have a second floor then it is important that you have a ladder available as well in case they can’t get to the stairs.

A good business owner will strive to make their bed & breakfast to be exceptional in as many ways as they can. Helping your guests to be able to get a good night sleep should be one of them. No matter how lovely the location is, if they aren’t able to relax and sleep there they likely won’t be coming back.

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