Bedtime Bulb; Natural Sleep Aid, Adult & Baby Light, Supports Healthy Sleep, Melatonin Production, Circadian Rhythms, Fights Insomnia. Low Blue LED Light Bulb with Natural Color

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Sleep better.

We respond physiologically to light through special photo receptors in our eyes. The natural daytime sun spectrum helps energize us, and the natural evening spectrum helps us produce the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin.

The type of light commonly used in the home confuses these receptors, suppressing natural melatonin production and thus blocking our brain’s natural signals to fall asleep. NorbSLEEP provides a light spectrum similar to natural evening lighting allowing you to produce melatonin, to sleep better, and feel better.

Healthy Circadian Rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) is linked to positive physical, mental and social health benefits. At Norb (Nutri-Orb), we have developed lighting products that support these biological needs to promote better working, learning and living.

What makes NorbSLEEP the right choice for enhancing your sleep?

Proper spectrum for Melatonin production and enhanced sleep
Supports normal Circadian Rhythms (sleep/wake cycle)
Looks natural

norbsleep bulbnorbsleep bulb

A better bulb.

Our goal is not how cheaply we can build a light bulb, but how effectively our bulbs support wellness:

High quality die-cast aluminum bases and cutting-edge chip adhesive allow lights to run cooler and last longer than plastic bases typical of most LED bulbs.
Diodes engineered to emit a precise and consistent spectrum.
Very low / no perceptible flicker.
Compatible with most dimmer light switches and dimmable lamps.


Like natural evening sun.

Evening sunlight contains full spectrum lighting, with less blue and more red, orange and yellow light than daytime sun.
NorbSLEEP is engineered to replicate the light of evening sun and enable you to naturally wind down for restful night of sleep.

where to place norbsleep in homewhere to place norbsleep in home

Use wherever you spend your evening hours.

Use your NorbSLEEP in your bedside reading lamp, bedroom ceiling lighting, baby nursery, bathroom wall sconce, evening time reading lamp of your den or family room, or in your evening time craft or hobby area.
You can even take it with you when you travel — for hotel use, and to help with jet lag.
Help patients harness the healing power of sleep in bedside fixtures in healthcare and rehabilitation settings.

circadian rhythm, norbcircadian rhythm, norb

Support your circadian rhythm.

NorbSLEEP is designed for use in the evening hours.
To optimize its support of your circadian rhythm, use in tandem with NorbSMILE lights during the morning and afternoon hours.
NorbSMILE has a spectrum like daytime sunlight to make you feel energized and happier.

norbsleep bulbnorbsleep bulb

High quality


Like nature

where to place norbsleep in homewhere to place norbsleep in home

Evening use

circadian rhythm, norbcircadian rhythm, norb

Optimize Norb

dog under norbsleep natural light appearancedog under norbsleep natural light appearance

NorbSLEEP delivers sleep friendly light spectrum and vibrant, true coloring of the spaces it illuminates.

competitor evening bulbcompetitor evening bulb

Other evening bulbs may distort colors.

Most evening bulbs on the market contain incomplete light that distorts colors.

Two bulbs can have the same color temperature yet render colors very differently.

When comparing products, look beyond color temperature and consider CRI for the best evening experience.

Near-perfect color rendering.

Relax under natural white light.

NorbSLEEP is not the only light bulb on the market for use in nighttime reading and relaxation, but it is the evening light with the best color rendering on the market.

With a CRI of 97, you can enjoy your evening without distorting the color of the world around you.

CRI, or Color Rendering Index, refers to a light source’s ability to reveal colors accurately.

The rating is based on a scale from 0 to 100. A light source with a CRI of 100 reveals the color spectrum in the same manner that natural light would.

The higher the CRI, the more vibrant the color appearance.

Conversely, a low CRI will produce a washed-out look or off color.


Supports evening relaxation without eye strain.

baby, bedtime bulb, sleep, norb, nursery, lampbaby, bedtime bulb, sleep, norb, nursery, lamp

The bedtime bulb that supports healthy sleep.

Studies show that sleep is instrumental in supporting healthy brain development. NorbSLEEP is a component of a healthy evening routine to enhance wellness.

When used to read or soothe your child at bedtime, be sure to turn off the lights once your little one has fallen asleep.

Enjoy your evening activities.

Comfortable for reading and relaxation.

Bright enough to read comfortably, this low wattage LED bulb offers similar intensity to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb. If desired, it can be dimmed with a dimmer switch or a dimmable fixture.

NorbSLEEP is a component of a healthy sleep schedule, and its performance is enhanced when you read a book instead of a smart phone, limit caffeine use to the morning hours, and play a board game instead of video or computer games.

Use during the evening hours, before sleeping.

It is dimmable; use it at the lowest intensity that allows you to see clearly, be safe, and conduct your evening routine without eye fatigue or strain.

Don’t look into the Norb, simply use it to illuminate your space.

If you read in bed, turn it off as you feel yourself becoming drowsy.

a19 bulb dimensionsa19 bulb dimensions

Standard Base

520 Lumnes


UL Listed

9 Watts

2630 K

97 CRI

This product is not intended as a treatment for disease or illness.


A19 Bulb Fits Most Fixtures

NorbSLEEP is an LED (light emitting diode) A19 bulb suitable as a replacement for standard sized incandescent, compact flourescent, and other LED bulbs.

Recommended for use in floor or table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and wall sconces. Compatible with dimmable fixtures.

Designed to Last

When used for 2 hours a day, the LED is expected to last over 25 years!

FALL ASLEEP BETTER without side effects! Other types of indoor lighting contribute to insomnia by emitting strong blue light that suppresses melatonin production. Before resorting to sleeping pills, try making the switch to NorbSLEEP.
SUPPORT NATURAL CIRCADIAN RHYTHM: normalize your sleep schedule, fall asleep faster, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized! Unnatural lighting fights our biological sleep/wake clock and causes poor sleep habits. Use NorbSLEEP to give your body the right light it needs to form healthy sleep patterns!
DIMMABLE READING LIGHT BULB: The soothing, evening vibes of the NorbSLEEP make it the perfect bedtime lightbulb to read under before a good night of sleep.
RELAX UNDER CLEAR WHITE LIGHT: Enjoy the calming effect of natural evening sun for a goodnight of sleep.

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