Calcium Magnesium – The Natural Sleep Aid – How to Receive the Full Benefit of Your Vitamin Regime

The hustle and bustle of modern life has increasingly made winding down at night more difficult. As a result more people are turning to sleeping pills. In fact the use of sleeping pills has risen by 50% among Americans over 45 years of age in recent years. The increase in the use of sleeping pills has given rise to an increase in addictions to sleeping pills. The irony is that many over 45 are already taking a natural supplement that can replace sleeping pills if it is used correctly. Many are already taking Calcium Magnesium to help strengthen their bones. What you may not know is that Calcium is also a natural sedative.

By simply changing the way that you take your Calcium Magnesium you can not only benefit from its sedative properties but you can increase the effectiveness of its bone strengthening properties. At least one doctor thinks that when you take Calcium with some other vitamins the effectiveness of both the calcium and the other vitamins can be decreased by as much as 50%. By taking your Calcium Magnesium at least one hour before and after the other the other vitamins that you take you are increasing the benefits of the calcium on your bones. At the same time you are increasing the benefits of other vitamins that you are taking by as much as 50%.

All you need to do to receive the full benefits of your Calcium supplement is to change the time of day that you take your it. Most people take there vitamins at meal time as a means to regiment their vitamin schedule. Since you are looking to separate the taking of your calcium by one hour before and after other vitamins you should begin to take your calcium supplement at bed time. This will allow you to continue to schedule your Calcium and whether you are taking sleeping pills now or not by taking your calcium about one hour before bed time you will enhance the quality of sleep that you are getting each night.

Why spend good money on vitamins if you are going to destroy half of the benefit that you are taking those vitamins. For maximum benefit of your entire vitamin intake get into the habit of taking your calcium at night. You will enjoy greater health because of the effectiveness of all of your vitamins, and because you will receive greater benefit from a better nights sleep.

Source by Randal A. Pope

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