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Physical and Mental Effects of Abusing Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills act as sleeping aid for sleeping disorders, mainly insomnia and sleep apnea. Sleeping pills have some amount of hypnotic drug, which helps in creating a tranquilizing effect on the mind. Due to this, the mind of the person calms down, thus promoting sleep. They are always recommended by doctors in smaller dosages, for

Get Over Your Sleep Disorder With Orthomolecular Medicine

Treating and healing sleep disorders with ordinary amino acids is the basis for Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and repair its malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and are used in therapeutic doses much larger than those levels normally found in food.

The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep

Do you ever find that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get comfortable sleeping? Perhaps you have bought countless sleep aids and you still find that you are waking up with a stiff neck, lower back pain, numbness in your hands or legs, headaches, or even sinus congestion? Since we spend

CPAP Machine – To Rent Or to Purchase?

The decision to rent or to purchase a CPAP machine is one that should be carefully considered. Keep in mind that either one will involve money on your part, which you may or may not be able to afford at present. Still, you cannot deny the imperative need for a CPAP unit to lessen the

The Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

As many as 160 million Americans are estimated to suffer from insomnia or other poor sleeping habits. Should you be in the half that has problems getting enough restful sleep you are probably considering taking sleeping pills to get some relief. A sleeping pill may be effective at ending your sleep problems short-term. That said,

Keep Your Circadian Rhythm Happy And Sleep Tight

If you have ever experienced the effects of jet lag, or felt very tired after working rotating shifts during the week, then what you have technically experienced is your body's circadian rhythm has been adversely affected. The word circadian comes from the Latin words 'circa' and 'diem' which translated into English, means about a day.

On Becoming Baby Wise Book Review

I'm actually a little nervous about reviewing this book. This highly debated approach to parenting is typically either loved or hated. Baby Wise uses an eat-play-sleep cycle and parent directed feeding. Eat-play-sleep is simply have your child eat, have your child be stimulated for a time (length depending on age), and then have your child

Are You in Pain? You Aren’t Alone

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans suffer chronic pain, from a wide range of injury and disease, at a cost of $600 billion annually (WebMD). The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 2/3 of these people experience pain daily with a severe impact on their quality of life, well-being, and enjoyment of life. 3/4 have

Why Is The Prescription Drug Trazodone Used For Insomnia?

Despite the fact that there are many natural ways to deal with insomnia, millions of people continue to take a variety of over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs whenever they find that they’re having sleep problems. One such prescription drug is Trazodone. Trazodone (or Trazodone hydrochloride) is the generic name for the drug Desyrel® which is an