How to Get Better Sleep Into Your Nights

How well do you sleep at night? Do you worry or feel anxious about something so that it keeps you awake? How long have you wrestled with falling asleep at night? Is a sleeping pill suggested by your physician also not working perfectly? Read on for an effective three-step magic technique for sleeping into your nights much better.

Here goes:

1) Just an hour before you go to your bed, have a warm shower with as much heat as you can bear. This will automatically relax and alleviate pain in your muscles and bones.

2) If your physician has prescribed a sleeping pill, take it. It will be a plus point. While lying in your bed, do a breathing exercise for 10 minutes. Exhale and inhale air so that enough oxygen gets inside your body to help your body function well while you sleep.

3) The third step is to focus on a happy image. It could be about your spouse, children or grandchildren or something else that makes you happy.

As you concentrate on this beautiful happy image, before you know it, you will be dead asleep.

This three-step technique works very well for me. I used to have sleep problems for a long time. Fortunately my three-step technique saved me and I started sleeping the nights better. That is why I am better able to tackle issues of the day.

You have nothing to lose from my three-step technique. Rather you benefit. I say that because if it works for me, chances are it will work for anybody. I encourage you to try the technique all the more.

If people can start sleeping better because of my technique, nothing else could make me happier. Because I know the stresses of the day overwhelm you so much that they begin to affect your sleep at night. So try my technique and get benefitted. It's a simple method, yet so powerful leading you to nights of sound and blessed sleep.

In case my magic technique does not work on you at all, which in fact, would be a rare case, consult your physician. S / he might be able to help you out. Whenever you have sleep problems, always reach out for help because sleep is an important part of our daily lives, which rejuvenates us and gives us energy and vigor to work throughout the day.

Here's a bonus tip: Sleep an extra hour in the weekend in the early morning hours.

Source by Rosina S Khan

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