How to Overcome Laziness

We all have sky high dreams in our life. Many of us also know how to achieve it but fail to work hard and achieve our dreams. Have you ever noticed that we always have enough time to watch our favorite movie or play our favorite sport or go to our favorite restaurant but not enough time to clean our house or complete our office work or learn a new skill? We are simply lazy when it comes to doing some useful productive work.

Personal growth is impossible without plenty of productive work from our side and one of the biggest challenges of being productive is laziness. Laziness is natural and normal human beings love to sit idle unless they are forced by circumstances to do otherwise. Is it possible to beat laziness and start working for our goals? Is it possible to be energetic all the time? Here are 7 powerful tips to overcome laziness:

Physical activity: Find at least 30 minutes for exercise every day. It will improve our blood circulation and will keep us active and energetic all the day. Simple low intensity exercises could cut fatigue by half and increase energy by at least 20%. Walking is the simplest way to increase your energy levels.

Eat sensibly: Excess food as well as unhealthy food will make us lazy. Take care to eat only when hungry and eat small chunks of healthy food. Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible.

Sleep well: We spend so much of our time on unproductive tasks that we often get very less sleep. This will again leave you lazy next day. Sleep at least 6-8 everyday. It will make us more energetic, active and productive.

Aim to minimize idle time: Observe yourself everyday and keep a mental record of your idle time. Try your level best to minimize it. Limit watching TV and browsing internet unnecessarily. You could decide not to watch a movie in TV which you have already watched before.

Keep a schedule: Writing is very boring but it is very effective. Write down all the tasks which you need to do and mark it as done as when and when each task is finished. It will remind us how unproductive we are and we could measure our improvement using it.

Take one bite at a time: Break down the tasks into manageable chunks. Take one chunk at a time and complete it. Huge tasks will create a mental block even before we start working on it. Each completed small task will motivate us to work on the next.

Reward yourself: Most often our dreams are so huge that we will get the results only after a long time. Till then we could reward ourselves for completing each stage or milestone. The reward could be your favorite meal or movie or dress.

Watch successful people around: Just look around and we could see many ordinary but successful people who succeeded only with their disciplined work. Observe what they are doing different and try to learn a lesson or two from them.

Challenge yourself: Continuous improvement is the key to success and we should challenge ourselves every day. We need to compete with ourselves everyday and measure the progress. Though we should learn from others, do not compare yourself with others since our objective is not to achieve something which is already achieved by others but to set new benchmarks.

Live your passion: This is one tip which virtually makes all other tips redundant. If we could find our passion and make it our career we no more need any other motivation to be energetic. Our passion will drive us forward and keep our energy levels up. If we are doing some job which we do not like, we should seriously think about finding and living our passion.

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