Infra Red Surveillance Cameras – Now You May Sleep Well

The fact is that most thefts and robberies take place after sunset. Infra read surveillance cameras are the security tools that work best to keep your home or workplace safe even in the middle of the night. Unlike their normal-light brethren, infra red surveillance cameras use the low light wavelengths allowing them to notice moving people even in the complete darkness where normal cameras become virtually useless.

Once a military technology, infra red surveillance cameras are a perfect tool for motion detection, especially if used in CCTV security systems. If you need to keep your company car parked or garaged and clear of any unwanted intruders, installing infra red surveillance cameras is one of the best things you can do.

Used car dealers are keenly aware of the protection it gives when using infra red surveillance cameras in conjunction with hidden cameras. It is a proven fact that cameras in the open will deter employees and encourage criminals to move on to a softer target. Hidden cameras catch the individual that believes he or she is out of the surveillance area.

Of course infra red surveillance cameras are equally useful for home security systems, especially for the bad-lighted areas. If you don’t feel like installing lights in your backyard, infrared motion detector security cameras are just the solution you need.They will do an excellent job detecting people in the middle of the night.

Lastly, infra red surveillance cameras are useful and effective, especially when recording for future proof, to exclude them from any decent security camera set up would be a mistake.

Source by Gerald Long

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