Is Prescription Sleep Aid Really Helpful?

If you are having trouble sleeping then it is time to consult a doctor. Sleeping problems are not normal. They result from regular mental and physical stress and tension, work loads, anxieties regarding certain issues etc. Thus it is necessary to have a proper medication to solve the problem. Though there are many drugs available in the market that can be bought without the prescription of a doctor, they are used to curb temporary symptoms of sleeplessness and other minor problems. Thus you need to have prescription sleep aid for causes which you cannot identify unless you attend a doctor.

The medical consultant will analyze every symptom of insomnia, look into your medical history, and study the effects of the medicine on your body and check if you are taking medicines for any other physical problems. After a complete examination, he or she will prescribe you with hypnotics, which is another name for prescription sleep aid.

Effects of Prescribed Sleep Aids

These drugs do have some side effects like

o Dependency on the drug
o Overdose of the medicines
o Drowsiness
o Constipation
o Dry Mouth
o Dizziness
o Headache
o Lack of concentration
o Muscle aches
o Allergic reaction
o Facial swelling

People believe that these drugs are addictive, but according to a research, the dependency on these drugs is limited to people who have a history of addiction or are continuing with other medications. These side effects of prescription sleep aid depend upon various factors like:

o Consumption of the kind of drug
o The amount of intake of the medicine
o Persistence of the medicine in your system

One major problem with these drugs is that at the close of your term of medication, you may experience sweating and nausea. These are the symptoms like restlessness on the discontinuation of the prescribed sleeping medicines. This, therefore, increases your chances of going back to the usage of those drugs. You just need to allow that phase to pass and don't allow yourself to fall prey to symptoms of withdrawal.

Precautions Required To Have Effective Results of These Medications

o It is prescribed that you take the prescription sleep aid at the time of going to bed or when you are ready to have an all night sleep. You will not be able to perform any other task after the intake of these drugs or there may be potential risks involved.
o Take your prescription sleep aid as directed by your medical supervisor if you don't want to suffer from side effects or complications caused by these medicines.
o Never drink alcohol along with these drugs. This is the worst you can do to yourself. The sedative effect increases when taken along with alcohol and thus results in faintness or dizziness instantly.

These medicines are best when taken for temporary reasons that occur either due to traveling in different kinds of time zones during long flights, a jet lag or when you are in pain due to illnesses.

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