Lunesta – Important Tips For Safe Use Of The Lunesta Sleep Aid

Lunesta is a hypnotic group medicine used for treating symptoms of Insomnia. Being a sedative drug you must handle it carefully as its misadministration will result in serious side effects. Following tips will assist you in easy handling of Lunesta. If you follow these tips you will be able to avoid possible side effects and get much required peaceful sleep.

o Use Lunesta only when prescribed by your medical practitioner. Never take Lunesta like any other over-the-counter medicine. Strictly adhere to the directions given by your doctor regarding use of Lunesta.

o Always consult your doctor regarding dosage and duration of Lunesta treatment.

o Do not crush or break the Lunesta tablet. Swallow the whole tablet with adequate quantity of water.

o You may experience some unusual symptoms, physical or mental behavioral changes after starting Lunesta. Consult your doctor immediately for medical attention.

o You must inform your doctor about any other medicine you may be taking for treating your other ailments. Even inform doctor if you are using vitamin supplements, herbal preparations etc. Use of such medicines with Lunesta may have adverse effect like increase in drowsiness.

o Avoid alcohol while using Lunesta. Use of alcohol with Lunesta may lead to increase in drowsiness and some other complications.

o Make sure that you get at least 8 hours sleep after taking Lunesta. It is advisable that you take Lunesta just before retiring to bed.

o Do not make alterations to Lunesta dose prescribed by your doctor. Never overdose medicine to get more sleep. Overdose may lead to serious side effects like unconsciousness, dizziness, loss of memory, behavioral changes etc.

o When you start Lunesta first time, do not undertake hazardous activities like driving and operating machinery, next day. You can undertake these activities only after you confirm that you do not have its effect next day.

o Like other sleeping medicines, Lunesta may also show some withdrawal symptoms. One of such symptoms is that you may not get proper sleep for couple of days after stopping usage of Lunesta.

o If you are expecting pregnancy or already pregnant, inform your doctor accordingly. It is known fact that Lunesta affects unborn baby. However, exact effects of Lunesta on unborn baby are not yet known.

o Studies have proven result that Lunesta passes in breast milk. If you are breast feeding your baby inform your doctor before using Lunesta. Your doctor will make the required dose adjustment or prescribe some other sleeping aid.

o Inform your doctor before using Lunesta if you are suffering from mental ailments like depression.

o Avoid taking Lunesta immediately after taking food containing heavy fats. It is advisable that you maintain at least 3 hour gap between your meals and time of retiring to bed. This will give you better results.

o Elderly people and people suffering from liver disorders may have to start with low potency dose like 1mg. Your doctor will prescribe right quantity after considering your physical condition.

Important Note

Lunesta, a sleeping medicine from hypnotic group of drugs may lead to some unpleasant side effects if overdosed or mis-administered. Always consult your physician before starting or stopping use of Lunesta. Discuss about pros and cons of this medicine with your physician or pharmacist before using it.

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