Reluctant to Sleep – 3 Top Secrets to Deal With This Problem

Queer but true, sleeping seems to be falling to the bottom of the list for a lot of people nowadays. It does not matter if they are already physically exhausted, or if it is already late in the night when they are supposed to be in bed, somehow people are reluctant to go to bed. This can be due to a number of possible distractions. If you have always wanted to deal with the reluctance to sleep, keep reading for the exact tips.

One of the things that you absolutely must do if you want to deal with this restless issue is to leave the TV out of your bedroom. More often than not, people spend way too much time watching TV before going to bed. Keep in mind that bedroom is only for beds and not TV! Rest assured that once you throw the TV out of your room, your body will be able to switch off way easier as there is no distraction of flickering lights or movie sound.

Secondly, having a schedule for sleep and adhering to it strictly is very important for you in dealing with the reluctance to sleep. As the saying goes, our bodies are actually just like machines. With a fixed schedule in place, you will train your body to slow down at about the same time every night. Therefore once you are in bed, your body will put itself to the sleeping mode and will relax itself automatically.

Last but not least, if you would like to take it one step further, a very good idea is to practice meditation. There might be times when you feel that you are physically exhausted, but somehow you just cannot sleep. Well, this boils down to the fact that your mind is still active. This is exactly when meditation comes in handy. By practicing meditation, you will take control over your mind and will be able to relax much easier.

Source by Jay P Jackson

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