Sleep Well With Orthopedic Pillows

Do you always feel neck or back pains? Do you wake up feeling sore and sluggish? Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Your pillows may be causing all these problems. A wrong positioning of your spine during sleep can cause various health problems or a bad mood.

Learn how orthopedic pillows can provide correct positioning and support to your back, neck and other parts of your body while you are sleeping to prevent pains and soreness and improve your overall disposition.

What Makes Up Your Orthopedic Pillow

Foam and fiber are the traditional materials used in pillows. For a more advance material, you have memory foam which is composed of polyurethane and additional chemicals for density and viscosity. A higher density type of this material reacts to your body heat, allowing the pillow to mould to your warm body in just a few minutes, giving you that ambient feeling.

Another pillow that may be of interest to you is the sobakawa which is made of buckwheat hulls believed to provide curative benefits for people who are suffering from insomnia, irritability, headache, sluggishness and stiff neck.

Types of Therapeutic Pillows and Their Curative Benefits

A cervical pillow is designed to provide support to your neck, shoulder and head and is ideal for both side and back sleepers. Its curative benefits include relief for neck pain, stiff neck and headaches. It eases your breathing airways to minimize sleep apnea symptoms and reduce snoring. A highly recommended type of pillow is the Tri Core which effectively corrects the alignment of your spine and supports the neck to help relieve neck pain and headache.

Another type of pillow that can help reduce cervical pain and improved quality of quality is a water-based pillow. This pillow also helped relieves morning pain intensity.

It is important that you get a good sleep whenever you travel. This is to make sure that you are always on the go every time you wake up in the morning. A pillow has been specially designed for travelers to allow them to sleep comfortably in a seated position. This pillow will support your head and prevent it from bending in an uncomfortable position.

A pillow for lumbar back support is useful when you are driving. The pillow is designed in such a way that it provides support to the lumbar curve. Similarly, a pillow for lower back provides support for the lumbar spine’s inward curve.

Sometimes, you wake up with some stiffness on your legs. Boost your blood circulation by using leg wedge cushions. You can place these pillows between your legs to elevate the lower part of your body.

Sleep Positions and the Right Pillow

There are three most common sleeping positions:

o Side sleeping position – A study showed that one in every three persons prefer to sleep on their sides. This position is suitable for reducing incidences of sleep apnea, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It helps clear your breathing airways and is the ideal position for pregnant women.

However, this sleeping position can be uncomfortable on your shoulders and arm and can cause frozen shoulder and stiff neck. You can prevent this from happening by using side sleeper pillows that allow proper placement of arms, neck and shoulders.

o Stomach sleeping position – This position is common among small children and babies. This can be harmful to the neck and may cause neck pain, strain and stiffness.

o Back sleeping position – This position can trigger sinus, snoring and back pain. You can reduce these incidences by using orthopedic pillows with neck contour. You can also put a wedge pillow under your knees to allow you to lie with comfort and safety.

Choosing cheap pillows for both comfort and support can be done easily online on SHOP.COM and eBags. Make sure that you choose one that is comfortable to use and effectively supports your body.

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