Sleeping Aid For Babies: Things That Really Work

A baby’s proper development depends a lot on a healthy sleeping cycle. Teaching a child how to have a good sleep starts from the very beginning. To ensure that the infant is getting the required rest, there are a few aids that parents have been trying for ages now. Some of these actually work more than just helping the baby to be soothed. Here we have a few sleeping aids that actually work.

Keep the Baby Close to the Heart

There is no reason to be confused here. For newborns, the most useful sleeping aid is the touch of mom’s skin and the beats of her heart. Experts claim that when the baby is positioned in a way that s / he can listen to mom’s heart beats; it soothes him / her down. The warmth of the skin and the rhythm of the heart’s beat create an ambiance just like the one inside the womb, where the baby was sleeping peacefully, previously. Studies have also shown that it works with people other than the mom, too. Dad, granny and other close ones can give it a try as well. All it requires are a soft, caring touch, and a stable heart’s beat.

Develop a Bedtime Ritual

A bedtime ritual is a repeated task that parents develop to send the baby a message when it is time to sleep. Infants, even at the age of 6 to 8 weeks, can respond to a bedtime ritual. It could be a kiss, a special way to hold the baby, a little rocking or patting, lullabies or anything else; that can be repeated every time to get the baby accustomed with it. So, when the little one is already tired of the daily hassles, receiving that special message, starts falling asleep gradually. This approach is considered rather healthy since it requires the least amount of external aid. It is more of a behavioral pattern.

Introduce a Sleep-time Buddy

A sleep-time buddy is a companion for the baby, which helps to calm the little angel down. It is, most of the times, a cuddly plush toy, or something like that which the baby can hold with his / her tiny hands, and embrace to fall asleep. Such a buddy provides babies with a sense of security and comfort, which helps their nerves to relax and call it a day. A perfect sleep-time buddy would be a plush attached with a pacifier. This way, the baby can use the pacifier to calm down, while holding the plush attached to it. Since experts are concerned about letting the child be depended on pacifiers solely to get a good sleep, a plush animal attached to it will divert the attention to the buddy, not to the device. Thus, the baby can also learn falling asleep on his / her own.

Source by Mehnaz S Tabassum

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