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Recent studies show that almost 10% of adults suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. This neurological condition is made up of irritating movements in the legs which keep people awake at night. It makes sleep difficult and relief is brought about by constant movement of the legs.

A recent study in Pittsburgh USA showed that Valerian (a herb that induces sleep) helped with restless leg syndrome as well as reduced the tiredness in people during the day as compared to other sleep inducing preparations. People in the study were given 800 milligrams of Valerian nightly for 8 weeks.

However this syndrome is not the only thing causing us to lose sleep these days. With the economy the way it is people are worried. Recent studies in Australia show that more people are having restless nights worrying about their finances. Worries about money seem to outweigh such issues as global warming or terrorism.

This is affecting how people work, makes them slovenly with what they eat and how they look after themselves. When you are under stress you are less likely to exercise or to even have a good sex life. Often people become withdrawn from family, go out less and even socialize less at work. So sleep becomes an important factor in your health.

It is also important to recognize that what you do during the day and how you function will affect your sleep pattern and in turn your sleeplessness will affect your day forming a vicious cycle if you let it. The study said that 27% of the people surveyed had disturbed sleep because of issues in the past month, being worried about job security and the economy. Numbers have decreased rapidly as to how many people are actually getting a good 8 hours sleep a night.

It is also important to recognize that as you age your sleep patterns change and you may actually just need to sleep less instead of struggling and tossing for hours. The study found that 89% reported general problems getting to sleep, 46% of people felt they didn't sleep properly, 35% had less than 6 hours a night, 41% have driven a car whilst sleepy and a third admitted it caused issues in their life. So what are you doing about your lack of sleep?

There are many natural supplements like Valerian and Melatonin to help you sleep but my suggestion is that you get a good guided meditation tape and pop in the ear buds. Even if you don't meditate to it but use it to fall asleep it will get you into a natural rhythm even better than the herbals. You will notice I have not mentioned sleeping tablets. This is because you may become reliant on them and be unable to sleep without them. So as time goes on you need higher and higher doses. What happens when they stop working?

So if you are having problems sleeping consult a practitioner who can teach you to relax or a counsellor / hypnotherapist to help you let go of those worries and get you on the path to a more restful, healthy life.

Source by Jenetta Haim

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