Vemma 2010 – A Review

Vemma is a company based on the theory of people helping people. They have formulated a line of supplemental products designed to combat specific problems people have, all while providing vitamins and minerals that your daily diet may unintentionally leave out. They produce energy drinks, natural sleep aids, sports drinks, nutritional supplements and products designed specifically to aid your immune system. These products are scientifically designed to aid your problems and give you a nutritional boost in vitamins as well as antioxidants to combat the activities of free radicals in your body.

The reseller program pays out a specified amount based on the item you sell or the Builder Pack that new resellers purchase. Builder Packs are a great way to get your business rolling because they include a variety of the products that you can either sell for yourself or give away as samples in your marketing efforts. The program also features Fast Start, Cycle, and Builder Bonuses as you achieve different milestones in the building of your Vemma business.

The products that you can promote for the Vemma line include a variety of nutrition supplements aimed at a specific problem:

– Vemma – The original product line aimed at reducing the affects of free radicals in your system with a variety of nutrients and a high concentration of antioxidants.

– PM – PM adds a range of ingredients designed to help you safely and naturally get to sleep and stay asleep better to the original Vemma formula.

– Verve Energy – This is the energy drink entry in the supplement line, featuring 80 mg of caffeine to get you started and a healthy, natural energy boost for the rest of the day, and is also available in a smaller shot size with 125 mg of caffeine.

– Vemma Thirst – This delicious drink combines the proven Vemma formula with a scientifically proven blend of amino acids, electrolytes and carbohydrates to give you the hydration you need to perform at your peek.

– Vemma NEXT – This drink is designed with the very different needs of children in mind. Start with a full ounce of the proven Vemma blend and add to it a blend of nutrients to help children meet their own unique needs in a time when sugary snacks and drinks fuel their school day.

The Vemma compensation plan is based on a 2 legged team building model. First, you choose your Builder Pack which starts a recurring auto-ship order for you that you can use yourself or use to promote the product. As soon as you sign up another qualified Brand Partner, which is someone that places an order for a recurring auto-ship product worth 60 Qualifying points, you start receiving a weekly check worth 50% of the Commissionable Volume of sales.

The Five Level Payout looks like this:

“Paid As” or “Flag” Rank Purchased Bronze Builder Pack Silver Gold

Bronze 60 Days $10 $10 $10

Silver 90 Days $10 $20 $20

Gold 120 Days $10 $20 $50

You can also receive a Cycle Bonus if you’re an active Brand Parter with 120 reward point auto-delivery order on file and 2 personally enrolled active Brand Partners on each team.

At the end of each week, if one team has 180 reward points and 360 on the opposite team you are eligible for a cycle bonus of approximately $22 to $25.

The Scale looks something like this:

Vemma Program Purchased Fast Start Fast Start Subsequent Orders

Earned Reward Points Reward Points

1 Pack Vemma $10 30 60

2 Pack Vemma $20 60 120

4 Pack Vemma $40 120 240

And so on.

The program really is about people helping people. You make your income by helping people solve their daily problems with sleep, energy, illness and other preventative measures as well as helping motivated people earn an extra income for themselves the same way you are. The best part is, by helping these motivated people, they, in turn, return the favor by helping you since you earn a commission based on their performance. It can’t get better than getting paid simply for having a good heart and a willingness to help people!

Vemma’s products appear to be well received. The network marketing business model, however, has suffered because of the rise of Internet marketing. More and more business is transacted today on the Internet, making Multilevel marketing as a home business in 2010 less appealing to many.

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