Wake Up Energized With Herbal Sleep Aids

Can you think back to a time when you awoke rested and full of energy?

My memory takes me back to my childhood. I must have been about age 5. I remember waking one morning at about 7 AM and hearing the ocean pounding on the sea wall in front of our home. With a leap of joy, I bounded out of bed and ran through the house to the large living room window. There I stood and gazed with awe at the magnificent scene of ocean waves crashing into the sea wall. The ocean spray rose ten to fifteen feet, almost touching the leaves of the tall palm trees leaning over the wall’s edge. At that moment my energy soared and I experienced the full vitality of life.

Remember an experience like this in your own life.

Remember when you had lots of energy. Remember the energy that you had then and contrast it to your energy level now. You probably don’t have the energy you used to have. Why is that? While there are many causes of fatigue, the most frequent cause is simple, yet not always obvious. A not-so-obvious cycle of stress and less than optimal (revitalizing) sleep begins to wear us down. Over time this vicious cycle begins to take its toll.

We begin to forget what if felt like to be full of energy, to wake up each morning with a sense of health and vitality. It is natural and normal to experience stress. Our body has a complex system that mounts a response to stress.

While stresses do normally take a toll on our body, our body normally rejuvenates itself during sleep.

If our sleep is not optimal we lose the rejuvenating benefits of sleep.

Then our body gradually begins to deteriorate, and we feel it as a loss of energy and vitality. That sense of being healthy and vital gradually slips away. Too much stress over a long period of time gradually shifts our body chemistry. Our body chemistry is disrupted with an imbalance of stress hormones. Over time the adrenal glands, which produce stress hormones become exhausted. The result is fatigue. You step on your body’s accelerator (the adrenal glands) but nothing happens. You’ve lost your ability to get up and go. Then you drag yourself through the day. You look for hits of energy in things like coffee, soda pop and sweets. You look forward to getting to bed at night for some much needed rest. But then you lie there exhausted and (strangely) wired at the same time. You may lie awake for some time before eventually dozing off. Or if you do fall asleep quickly, you wake up in the middle of the night and aren’t able to get back to sleep quickly. You know that something’s wrong. But what’s doing it? Your doctor says that all of your tests are normal.

Researchers are also finding that the most common cause of fatigue and insomnia is stress.

As a result of chronic stress our hormones go out of whack. In the day time when we need them, they’re not there to give us the energy kick we want. At night time a higher than normal level of stress hormones keeps us revved up and awake. The rhythm and timing of the brain-pituitary-adrenal stress system is off. Stress is what most frequently underlies both fatigue and insomnia.

Source by Harlan Mittag, D.C.

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